Greenergizing the World!


  Why Danphe? 


Today's world requires a commitment to long-lasting energy solutions - to allow our children and grandchildren to experience the beauty of the earth as we do today. Our traditional sources of energy cannot handle the size of the world population anymore. So it is time to seriously think about our choices! Sustainability has to be one of the prime considerations!

Our approach gives emphasis to renewable energy - wind, solar, biogas, hydro, and others - whenever possible. Our innovative financing models are designed to address the very problem of the high initial cost of such technologies and so make them more affordable to everyone.



Energy access is a priority in areas that have no power, but one cannot completely ignore the value of reliability. Limited power supply, voltage & current fluctuations, and power-cuts can significantly hinder economic productivity and the overall quality of life.

We emphasize the need to adopt a mix of different power technologies rather than a single source with the lowest cost because all technologies come with certain technical and/or economic limitations. So the only way to minimize risks is by optimizing for both cost and reliability.



Power is power, but there is a big difference between how we can use power! A lack of proper understanding of how technologies behave can result in the significant drop in the overall efficiency. In other words, costs go up, pollution level is higher, and systems degrade faster!

We have the right expertise to understand how technologies should behave and so encourage ways to maximize efficiency to achieve the best results!

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