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Nepal suffers from a severe lack of quality information and research data to help facilitate the proper design and assessment of any energy project. Most of existing data is also either inaccurate or outdated and so are of limited value. Therefore, many potential projects have missed out on investment and/or development opportunities in Nepal.

Danphe’s team members have years of experience working in a number of large energy projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Clients included large utilities, state and federal governments, research institutions, consumer groups, private companies such as British Petroleum (BP), and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank.

Our broad, interdisciplinary expertise in a variety of energy projects from around the world make us highly capable of carrying out any research and analysis work in the field of energy, environment, sustainability, finance, and climate change. In addition, Danphe’s vast network of national and international sector experts allow us to significantly scale our research efforts whenever needed.