Project Development & Management

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Large consumers – such as big offices, factories and institutions – have a complex energy system with multiple layers of backups in order to minimize losses due to intermittency of the national grid system. In the absence of the right technical expertise, many of such consumers end up opting for quick solutions that are either too costly in the long run or come with several technical problems, thus causing them to suffer constantly in the future. Many even opt for an in-house energy management team just to handle the day-to-day energy management activities. Activities like turning the generator on/off, switching electrical lines, carrying out regular repair/maintenance work and fetching diesel therefore end up consuming a large amount of time and resources.

Danphe’s team of management and technical experts has the capability to thoroughly study the energy situation of any building or site and then determine what combination of energy technologies will be best suited to handle their demand. Danphe understands that while cost is of paramount importance, reliability of the system cannot be compromised.

Danphe understands that energy investment is a long term investment and so does not believe in simply selling products to its clients. Danphe stands behind its products and services and therefore works together with its clients to maximize the life of their investment. Unlike the one-time sale model common in Nepal, Danphe’s model allows it to partner with its clients to make sure that the system delivers the desired amount of power.

We believe that we cannot succeed in the energy sector unless we can convince clients of our commitment. Our commitment is clearly highlighted in the energy model that allows to take some of the risks that clients face.