Partner Organizations

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Danphe understands that the energy sector is multidisciplinary in nature and so requires expertise in a number of areas. Therefore, it has been actively joining hands on a temporary as well as permanent basis to form a stronger, more efficient, and a more capable team. The list of partners continue to grow by the day. So far, Danphe has established partnerships with the following companies:

Clean Energy Development Bank Limited (CEDBL), Nepal

CEDBL is the first national level development bank and the only bank in Asia that has focused its development agenda towards energy and natural resources. Danphe and CEDBL have joined hands to help consumers gain access to the benefits of the properly managed energy systems via affordable financial mechanisms

Environment & Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Nepal

ENPHO is a service-oriented, scientific, national non-governmental organization that envisages contributing in sustainable community development by combining research and actions through the integrated programs in the areas of environment and public health. ENPHO develops and promotes integrated community based approaches endorsing safe water, sustainable sanitation, solid waste management, hygiene behavior and improving indoor air, and environmental and air quality monitoring to create healthy societies.

Spur Engineering, Nepal

Spur Engineering is a highly specialized engineering consulting firm dedicated to providing design and supervision services for the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and hydropower plants.

Fortis Energy, Netherlands

Fortis Wind Energy is a European market leader with more than 6,000 installed wind turbines worldwide. With more than 25 years of strong history, Fortis has agreed to provide full technical support to Danphe on any matters related to wind in Nepal.

Aeolos Wind, UK

Aeolos is a world leader among small wind manufacturers (< 100kW per turbine). It is based in the UK and has a manufacturing sub-unit in China. It is one of the very few companies that give a 5-year warranty on their products. Most companies offer a maximum of a two year warranty.

Hummer Wind, China

Hummer is a rapidly growing small wind turbine manufacturer based in China. Outside of China, its products have already reached various parts of North America and Europe. It offers a relatively low cost option for wind consumers.

NRG Systems, USA

NRG is one of the most renowned companies in the wind and solar sensor manufacturing sector. Their superior instruments will be crucial to establish a long-term competitive advantage in Nepal.

Qingdao Skywise Technology Co. Ltd., China

Qingdao’s Lumiax charge controllers come with international quality and are exported to many countries in Europe and North America. Danphe is the sole distributor of Lumiax solar charge controllers for Nepal.

We are also in touch with several global companies such as General Electric (GE), ICF International, and students and researchers from international institutions such as Brandeis University and Hamilton College. We maintain technical partnership with a few local energy companies as well.